Tableau: Projects

We conduct Tableau-based projects for you, help you integrate Tableau into your operations, and enhance your skills with this great tool through training/coaching.

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Projects + End-to-end solutions - at low and fair prices

We carry out all necessary steps for you: data preparation, import and merging, creation of desired visualizations and output of results.

You will receive a complete package with your evaluated data.

You pay a previously agreed flat rate per package, or a subscription price that includes a certain number of evaluations per month or year


Introductory package Tableau

Experience the benefits of professional data analysis for your company with a one-time package offer at a fixed price.

Business Intelligence Special


reg.: 1,250€

Data preparation, project creation and basic analysis in Tableau (up to 1MB raw data**)

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* price plus VAT where applicable
** data formats: xls(x), csv, xml, json, sql, or any combination

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