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We support you in implementing Tableau in your organization - from selecting the appropriate versions and licenses to technical implementation and employee training.

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Implementation, consulting and technical support

Tableau is much more than just a tool for creating visually appealing graphics. It serves as a sophisticated universal interface for data and databases, capable of consolidating data streams from a wide range of sources. In situations where complex SQL queries or custom algorithms would normally require hours, if not days of programming, Tableau accomplishes the same task with just a few clicks, following appropriate configuration. Each dashboard and worksheet produced through Tableau could be considered a custom-designed application tailored to your organization's specific data infrastructure.

The implementation of Tableau in your business will undoubtedly unlock entirely new perspectives, offering fresh insights into your data.

Data Engineering, Data Preparation, Data Validation

Our data engineering services encompass all aspects that are required to analyze your data efficiently and accurately. This includes:

  • Removing duplicates: Identifying and removing duplicate records in the dataset to prevent distortion of results and errors.
  • Removing unnecessary columns: Identifying columns that are not relevant to the analysis or are redundant.
  • Accuracy checking: Validating the accuracy of the data, checking for inconsistencies or errors such as missing or incorrect values.
  • Dealing with missing values: Identifying missing values and addressing them appropriately.
  • Standardizing: Ensuring that the data is in a consistent format, such as converting all data to a single format, standardizing units of measure and date/time formats, and converting text to uppercase/lowercase as needed.
  • Handling outliers: Identifying outliers through data visualization or statistical methods.
  • Normalizing data: Normalizing data to ensure that all variables are on the same scale.
  • Ensuring consistency: Ensuring that the data is consistent across different sources or time periods, such as ensuring that the same variables are present and using consistent labels.
  • Addressing data type issues: Ensuring that the data types of each variable are appropriate, such as converting text to numerical values where appropriate.
  • Validating data: Validating the data by comparing it to external sources or performing additional checks, such as cross-validation with a sample of the data.

Introductory package Tableau

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Data preparation, project creation and basic analysis in Tableau (up to 1MB raw data**)

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** data formats: xls(x), csv, xml, json, sql, or any combination

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